Finance from F Tempest& Sons

Arranging a loan to buy a vehicle couldn't be easier - all it takes is one phone call to our Vehicle Finance department. Our phone lines are open until 7.30pm, 5 nights a week. The number to call is 07787373849.

Our operator will ask a series of questions to ensure that you meet the criteria set by our finance companies. These include the following requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for a loan:

  • You or your partner must hold a full driving license;
  • You must be aged 21-60 years of age;
  • You must have either a mobile phone or a landline telephone;
  • You must be employed, receiving printed computerised payslips, earning more than £165 per week or £650 per month.

Tempests Vehicle Finance is specialists in providing funds for vehicle purchase on a nation-wide basis. We will obtain a credit limit based on your take-home pay and your personal circumstances. Once we've put your funds in place, you will be invited to our showroom to discuss the types of vehicles that you are interested in, but more importantly, what payments you are comfortable with on a monthly basis. Included with our invitation will be a TRAVEL VOUCHER, entitling you to up to £50 cash for travel expenses. After selecting a car you most like within your budget, you will be able to drive home in your new car that same day.

    All the vehicles are:

  • MOT tested;
  • Serviced;
  • Valeted;
  • Road tested;
  • With up to a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY included within the payments.

We appreciate that obtaining finance with a dealership may not have been your initial thoughts, but there are benefits in the fact that ALL our vehicles are checked for any hidden problems that could occur with a personal purchase, for example, outstanding finances, insurance write-offs or stolen vehicles.

We look forward to hearing from you - simply call us on the number above.